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​ Alison Maruca, Certified Professional Life Coach
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Savannah, Georgia
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On Sunday evening, do you start to get that knot in your stomach, knowing that you have to go back to that dreaded job in the morning? Does it get worse as you get closer as you're driving in? If you've ever had a job that you loved going to, you know that you can't keep doing this. If you want that feeling back, something has to change. And if you've never experienced that satisfaction in your job, you deserve to!

Have you started a business because you have a great product or service that you believe there is a market for, but now you find yourself bogged down in all the staff problems that you weren't prepared for? And, you're thinking "This is not why I started this business!" I can help you understand how to manage your people in such a way that takes the stress off, increases sales, reduces turnover and creates a positive work environment for all!

In these really tough economic times, so many people have been caught up in job loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy. With all that stress, you may be feeling like a failure, like you've let people down, like you'll never get through this. But, with coaching support, you'll come through it with renewed confidence, self-esteem and hope!

Have you spent a good portion of your life taking care of other people and never really thinking about yourself? Have you reached the point where now it's your turn but you don't have a clue where to start? Maybe you're afraid that your talents, knowledge and skills are outdated and there's no place for you. But, there really is an exciting world out there waiting for you and I can help you find it!

My clients all have one thing in common - they are searching for answers. They've already decided that something has to change, they're not settling for life "just because it is". And they've made the commitment to start the journey towards their more rewarding and satisfying life!
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