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​ Alison Maruca, Certified Professional Life Coach
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Savannah, Georgia
I coach people who've decided that they're ready to take that major step towards making positive change, but don't know how to get there. It's a courageous move, a willingness to open their minds to new, exciting and challenging ideas and to follow through wherever it may lead.
So, how does this coaching thing work?
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Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of people; women and men, employed and unemployed (by choice or not), single and married, of all adult ages. 

My clients are at a point in their lives where they're feeling dissatisfied and believe that there must be a better future ahead for them. They may be going through some particularly rough times, simply stuck in a rut or already have a good idea of what they want but need help getting there.  They need a new approach and a coach to help them find the tools within themselves to move forward.

What We Do Together

I help people find their strengths and build the confidence to reach for big dreams.
I help people set their goals with new ways of thinking and then taking action each week.
I help people to view things from a new perspective, shedding light on difficult situations.
I help people break through their limiting beliefs and challenge them to think bigger.
I help people follow their passion and learn to do what they love.

Getting Started

Start by calling or emailing me and we'll talk a bit about why you feel that you may want coaching and I'll answer any initial questions you have about the process. 

Next, we'll set up an in-person complimentary consultation, where we'll get into more depth about where you are in your life, what your challenges are right now, why you need to change, where you'd like to be. We'll talk in more detail about how the coaching process works. Then if we both decide that this is a good fit, that we're excited to be working together, we'll make a plan to begin the work of starting to build your better life!

I'm looking forward to working with you - call or email today!