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​ Alison Maruca, Certified Professional Life Coach
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Savannah, Georgia
Hi, I'm Alison Maruca.
I'm a life coach in Savannah and my passion is working with really cool people who are committed to making positive change in their lives. I help them find their strengths and belief in themselves and then we work together to create a plan and start moving forward to achieving their goals!
Where I've been

I started my career in retail management where I did the recruiting, training and staff development for a regional chain of 100 stores. I moved on to run my own successful design showroom and eventually worked as the Volunteer Director in a non-profit organization. I found that no matter what type of business I was managing, the heart and soul of my work was coaching people to become their best selves, not just professionally, but personally as well. I discovered that building teams of well-rounded, confident, enthusiastic people led to a great work environment and more rewarding lives. 

During this time, I learned as much as I could from the coaching gurus of the time and used the tools I found to begin to change my own life. This helped me develop my natural skills in understanding and communicating with people. I found that I had the gift of being able to see the strengths in people and to help them develop those strengths. I was passionate about helping people to find their best selves and live more joyful and fulfilling lives!

Where I Am Now

Eventually, I became frustrated with the corporate world and started searching for something new and more satisfying. I tried the usual routes - you know, internet job searches, talking to people, networking. Nothing was connecting. Then I started working with a wonderful life coach who helped me discover so much about myself and where my own strengths and talents were leading me. The process was exciting and challenging and sometimes scary. My passion for helping people to become their best selves was re-ignited and I knew the direction I needed to go. So I went through the process of becoming a certified professional coach and I'm thrilled to be working with great people who are now making exciting changes in their own lives! 


I enjoyed working alongside Alison tremendously because she possesses so many skills and personal qualities that lift up all who are around her.

Alison is particularly skilled at listening critically to a wide variety of colleagues, strangers and others. She makes you feel that you are personally important to her, and she takes pride in utilizing these listening skills to develop plans of action that make everyone successful.

In addition to her ability to listen and take action with grace and an effervescent spirit, Alison's knack for discovering what's important to those she comes into contact with is a skill that I have not seen matched by anyone else that I know or have heard about. 

Indeed, while I worked with Alison, she was constantly focused on who I was on the inside and how she could support me. I'd never been supported in this way before, and I'll always be tremendously grateful to Alison for helping me discover more about myself.


Alison Maruca worked with me when I made the career change from the banking industry to becoming a design consultant with no prior experience. She believed in me, saw my potential, and gave me the encouragement and confidence to become a successful salesperson. I would highly recommend her and will always be grateful to her for the chances she gave me. 

Have you ever felt like you want to scream out at someone but know that would not be a good thing, sit in a corner and cry because you are feeling sorry for yourself or feel like you have no one to confide in or talk to that would not be biased or use the information to spread gossip?

Well, that is what a Life Coach is for. If you want to scream, the Life Coach will sit and listen and help guide your thoughts so you can come to your own conclusion about what to do about what is bothering you.

If crying is your thing, sometimes it is good to just talk about what you think is bothering you. When you put it into words and say it out loud you can often begin to cope with what is bothering you. A Life Coach will listen patiently while you talk about your problem and perhaps you will be able to solve it on your own.

If you want to have someone to bounce ideas off of or someone to tell your inner feelings to that will not make you feel small and unimportant, a Life Coach is for you.

I found just such a person when I met Alison Maruca. I needed to talk to someone about something going on in my personal life and I had just moved to Savannah and had not yet developed a friend that I could unload my feelings onto.I did not want to get my family involved as they needed to remain neutral.

Alison is a person of empathy, smiles a lot and listens patiently. Every so often she will ask a probing question to make me think a little deeper about the problem I am solving. Things are getting easier and I am happier now that I know I have someone who will listen and not readily nullify me.

                                                                                                                                                       -Ella Mae Rayner, RN (retired)